Greatest Hits

Release date: 2021

Hip Hop is rich… with so many fans who are Musicians, Artists, Rappers and Poets.
All of them partake, they all have stories, they all have a flow… they all FEEL it!

For the deep collector of early Hip-Hop & Rap… this essential collection, from one of Downtown New York City’s originals, is full of the passion and energy possessed by so many who grew up during Rap’s Golden Age of the 70’s & 80’s.

From the hyped “Espresso” tracks to his “Hands Up” Anthem of keeping it together through life’s struggles… Booty T. stays true to the game.

Energetic & easily digested… Turn it up!

BootyT Greatest Hits CD Art


Voice Intro – Dean Elliot
Singing – Larisa Stahl & Nina Vega

Uses samples from:
“Working Day and Night” by Michael Jackson


Singing – Nina Vega

uses samples from:
“Dazz” by Brick
“It’s Just Begun” by Jimmy Castor Bunch
“Nite Liters” by Con-Funk-Shun


Music by Josh Trachtman, Brian McKenna & Jon Vercesi
Singing: Pam Steebler


uses samples from:
“Kissin’ My Love” by Bill Withers
“Microphone Fiend” by Eric B. & Rakim
“It’s Your Thing” by the Isley brothers
“The Breaks” by Kurtis Blow


Singing by Larisa Stahl
Additional Keys & Percussion by Josh Trachtman & Brian McKenna

uses samples from:
“My House” by Urban Blight


uses samples from:
“Feel the Heartbeat” by the Treacherous Three
“The Donkey” by the Whitefield Bros.


Singing by Larisa Stahl
Music Written by Josh Trachtman & Brian McLane
Guitar – Niki “The Hawk” Buzz
Bass – Johnny “J.P.” Patterson II
Drum Programming – Sammy Merendino
Keys – Tommy Mandel

Original Instrumental Track Produced by
Josh Trachtman, Brian McLane & Keith Masco

New Lyrics, Singing and Mix Produced by
Josh Trachtman & Brian McKenna


Featuring The Brothers Red:
Alex “Ready Red” Santiago
Jamie “Red Rapper” Ruderman

Guitar – Niki “The Hawk” Buzz
Bass – Johnny “J.P.” Patterson II

Executive Producer (Original Track): Tony Killens
Re-Mixed by Josh Trachtman

ESPRESSO (original brew)

Singing – Nina Vega

uses samples from:
“La Murga” by Willie Colon
“Cachondea” by Fruko y Sus Tesos

“Cimmerian Shade” MIX

All Guitars – Doma Schrank
Mixed & Produced by Josh Trachtman & Brian McKenna

All Lyrics Written & Performed by Josh Trachtman

Gratitude, Respect & Love:

Jon “Hype” Vercesi
Friend forever, bandmate, partner & guide on an incredible musical journey through life.

Urban Blight
As a band… and each of you guys individually…
Keene, Paul, Wyatt, Dan, Tony & Jamie…
Thank you for a lifetime of friendship and musical inspiration.

Jamie “Red Rapper” Ruderman
Red, thanks for being a dedicated “Crew” member and tireless participant in every project both big and small… but even more importantly… a great friend.

Brian McLane
My “Cracked Up”/ Mondo brother. As we enter Phase IV of our lives… I know there will always be ROOM for each other’s company and friendship!

Jason Barletta
Thanks for getting me back in the game my Calle Ocho mate!

Brian McKenna
Mix Master B. Thanks for an absolutely tremendous ride.
Re-discovering my passion, learning new tricks…
thanks for helping me keep my game tight!

The Neighborhood Crew
Jamie “Red Rapper” Ruderman, Alex “Ready Red” Santiago, Jeff “J Nice” Weiss, Sean “Block” Roberts, Dean “Sweet Chickee Dee” Elliot.