1-BootyTRaised on the mean streets of Greenwich Village, New York City (yeah…hardly!) Josh grew up listening to the Doobie Brothers, Eagles & Zeppelin.  During his early days at Stuyvesant High School, Hip-Hop hit the mainstream and Booty T. was born.

After spending a few years behind the drums with Mondo Boffo, a Pop-Rock band in the early 80’s, Booty T. spent his time as a Music Major at New York University dabbling in the DJ scene while continuing to bang the drums with Stately Wayne Manor, another Power-Pop group.  Eric B. & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC & LL Cool J were always in his ear as he developed his microphone skills.

In the 90’s Booty T. continued to develop his audio skills as FOH engineer for Urban Blight, a popular East Coast Reggae/Soul/Rock group known for their powerful live shows.

Hooking up with various talent he met along the way, Booty T’s Rap style has touched on many genres from Metal to Salsa to good old funky “Sugarhill” beats!

So here we are. Creating what is clearly some of his best work to date, Booty T. shows us that the fun, easily digested “Old School” sounds will never die!

Featured Single

“Got Flow”
New Single from VOL. 3 GOT FLOW


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